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ValLimar Jansen

Highly regarded singer, cantor and recording artist, college professor, a leader of worship and prayer, and a workshop presenter at conferences across the United States. She has sung and toured professionally throughout the United States, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Japan. Known especially for her work with gospel, contemporary Christian and gospel-jazz styles. She’s got both experience and credentials!




Iván Díaz​ 

Holding a master of arts in choral conducting and bachelor of music from FAU, Iván began his college career at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. He is a bilingual Catholic recording artist who presents at workshops and conferences across the country, and he coaches choirs in Miami. Ivan was the NCYC Chorus Director in 2017 and has appeared on EWTN, Shalom World, ESNE and Jesus Christ Network.

Sal Solo


Producer of NCYC’S top Talent since its inception in 2011. With Brit band Classix Nouveaux, he toured the world, achieving gold and silver discs. He sang with Rockets in Italy, who sold 1.5 million albums. He relocated to the US in 1999, doing large youth events across the country, including NCYC. He has produced recordings and videos for our previous finalists; published one book, performed in 37 countries, and released over 20 albums.





He was himself a finalist in NCYC'S top Talent at the age of 15. Since that time he has performed across America, and abroad, and become one of the most dynamic and exciting Catholic performers. His songs and videos are widely distributed online, both of his music and his messages in "Ministry Minute." He is excited to be back at NCYC helping other young talent.

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